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The Johnson O'Malley Program is designed to give support assistance to our students that live on or near the Pyramid Lake Reservation. Our Program includes students form headstart to High School. There are seven schools that our students from the reservation attend. There are two headstart centers located on the reservation. There are three High Schools, and three Middle Schools, and two Elementary Schools that our children can attend.

The program has a teacher aide that works with the kindergarten teacher and students at Natchez Elementary School and Pyramid Lake Junior/Senior High School located in Nixon. The JOM Program aslo works with the 21st Century Summer School Program at Natchez Elementary School.

Services we provide are:

* Funds to assist the two head start centers with educational field trips.

* Provide the Paiute language class to students who may be interested in learning the Paiute language.

* Provides funding for correspondence courses through the Brigham Young University Independent study program.

The goal of the Johnson O'Malley Program is to provide support for all students who may need that support to enhance their educations and become productive members of our society.

To contact us:
Dorothy Ely
JOM Director
208 Capitol Hill
P. O. Box 256
Nixon, NV 89424
Phone: (775) 574-0441
Email: Dorothy Ely