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Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP)

As part of the Federal Government's stimulus plan, over 3 billion dollars was allocated for broadband projects to bring internet technologies to rural areas. The tribe was granted 7.2 million dollars in federal funding against a 9.5 million dollar project for which the tribe has pledged 2.7 million with in-kind match. Almost all of the match comes from the valuation of dark fiber that is owned by Level 3 Communications and for which the tribe acquired under an agreement for exchange of an easement for fiber running along the Interstate 80 corridor through the Pyramid Lake Reservation. The contract for contruction of the project was recently signed with Praxis Optics, who is also a grant subrecipient on the Digital 395 fiber network project.


Project Update
The node buildings are set up and we are currently working on the power, generator, and conduit installations.
Electronics quotes are closed this week, and we will be making the awards. Projected installation dates are mid-May.
Conduit installation is nearing completion as we are finishing up the last stretch along 446.

Click on links below for RFQs. Open positions are posted on the Human Resources page

Requests For Proposals for Network IT Transition and Server Installations.

Download RFP Network IT Transition File

Requests For Quote (RFQ) for Network Engineer Consultant
Due April 27, 2013

Download RFQ Network Consultant Description File (CLOSED)

Requests For Quote (RFQ) for Windows/Redhat Linux Engineer Consultant(s)
Due April 27, 2013

Download RFQ Server Consultant Description (CLOSED)

Requests For Quote (RFQ) for Data Center Server System
Due May 31, 2013

Download RFQ Data Center Server System (CLOSED)

To contact us:
Thomas Skinner, BTOP Project Manager
208 Capitol Hill | PO Box 256
Nixon, NV 89424
Phone: (775) 741-1010

Greg Gardner
Technology Services Director
208 Capital Hill Rd, PO Box 256
Nixon, NV 89424
Phone: (775)574-1000 ext 117