Election Results 12/27/2014

The Pyramid Lake Tribal Council consists of eight Councilmembers, one Tribal Council Secretary, one Tribal Treasurer, one Vice-Chairman, and one Tribal Chairman. In order to be eligible to vote, your name must appear on the Qualified Voters List that is certified by the Pyramid Lake Tribal Council.

2015 - 2016 Tribal Council

Vinton Hawley
Alan Mandell
Mervin Wright, Jr.
Council Member
Bonnie Akaka-Smith
Council Member
Leona Collins.
Council Member
Nathan Dunn
Council Member
John Guerrero
Council Member
Sherry Ely-Mendes
Council Member
Genevieve John
Council Member
Brian Wadsworth
Council Member
Brenda Henry
Tribal Council Secretary
Position Open
Tribal Treasurer