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Current Conditions
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Students from Natchez observing how air monitoring works

UPCOMING: Climate Change Adaptation Planning Course

This course provides an introduction to planning for climate change impacts, highlighting what some tribes in the region are doing. The course is intended for tribal environmental and natural resource professionals who expect to be involved in climate change adaptation planning. Since the course will focus on climate change impacts in the region, we especially encourage people from the region to attend. Others are welcome to attend but should realize that that there will be a focus on that region. To register please visit the Northern Arizona University - ITEPwebpage.

Pease note that the PLPT Environmental Department is helping to host this climate change adaptation planning class for western tribes this fall. The PLPT will host a one-day tour of the Lake and perhaps other areas to talk about issues that face the tribal community and the ecosystem here.  If it is an area of interest or growing expertise for you, please try to attend the training.  Also, it would be nice to have additional help in planning and executing the tour.  If you have any interest in helping showcase Pyramid Lake, please email me.  You may also let others know about this class.

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Olin Anderson, Water Quality Standards Specialist
Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe
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