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Pesticide Program

Program overview
The Pesticide Program was developed to help the Environmental Department manage pesticides in accordance with the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). The pesticide program also helps protect the public health and environment of the Pyramid Lake communities from improper use of pesticides by educating the community, monitoring pesicide exposure, and managing pesticide use.

Noxious Weed Technicians
Our Noxious Weed Techs are actively spraying noxious weeds throughout the reservation to prevent and control the devastating effects of these non-native weeds. Weeds threaten agricultural lands and decrease productivity. They also compete with native vegetation on the streambanks and weaken the resilience of the river ecosystem to flooding events. Currently our Tech.'s operate seasonally. If you know of an area that needs immediate attention please report it to the Environmental Department. Click onto the "Contact Us" link.

Pesticides & Water Quality
Water is one of the primary pathways that pesticides are transported from places that they are used to other parts of the environment. Good quality water is important for all life on earth. All living creatures including humans need water to live. Water with poor quality can often be harmful to all living things. The greatest potential for negative effects of pesticides is through water contamination. Most rural communities receive their drinking water from ground water. If pesticides are found in ground water it can be dangerous to humans and can be very costly or impossible to clean.

The Tribal Pesitcide Program Council (TPPC) is a national workgroup comprised of EPA and Tribal representatives focusing on pesticide related issues. The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe is an active member of the TPPC.

Read The Label
The label is a legal document. Labels are mandated by federal law to be present on all pesticides so users can properly use, store, and dispose of them without harm to public health or the environment. The label is the law for the usage of that particular pesticide product. Using the pesticide product in any manner that is not indicated on the label is illegal.
Always read pesticide product labels before buying or using them. The labels have very important information on them about use, storage, and disposal. Pesticides can be dangerous so always follow the safety and use directions that are provided on the label. Remember to read the label. Keep your home, family, pets, and environment safe by reading the pesticide labels and following the directions.

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