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Range Management

The Range Management objectives of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe are to provide a sustainable resource for the use of grazing of tribal livestock while maintaining and improving the natural resources of the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation. Livestock grazing utilizes approximately 302,844 acres of reservation land. The range units are designated for summer grazing and winter grazing and are administered by the Tribal Council and the Pyramid Lake Cooperative Cattlemen's Association (PLA). Livestock are owned by individual tribal members and grazing privileges are allocated for designated units. Grazing is controlled as specified by the PLPT Livestock and Grazing Ordinance which was adopted by resolution in 1990. The monitoring and administration is managed by the PLPT Environmental Department with consultation/coordination with the PLA.

The overall goal of the range management program is to protect the natural resources and improve water quality of the waters within the reservation boundaries. The Tribe has worked in conjunction with EPA, USDA, and BIA programs to develop grazing units, fencing, and livestock water on the grazing units. Protection of riparian areas and improvement of river and riparian habitat have been at the forefront of these activities.

Recently, we have been working on our 10 Year grazing permit, which will give the Tribe much more flexibility in the management of the range and help with the planning and conservation of rangelands throughout the reservation.

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