The Contracts & Grants Department facilitates the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe's management of funding, including internal revenues, federal and state contracts and grants, and from private (non-profit) awards, contributions and donations. The Department assists with the fiscal management of grants, including financial reporting requirements and processing the drawdown of funds.


The department assists in the development of funding applications to support tribal goals and objectives and to meet the needs of the Tribe as set forth by the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Council. Specific forms for pre-authorization of proposal submissions, and documenting matches for grants are available by contacting the Contracts & Grants Office or clicking the forms to the left.  For more information please contact this department.


The Contracts & Grants Department is has the following three staff members;


1 The Contracts & Grants Administrator is responsible for the Tribe's efforts to secure grants and contracts (with emphasis on governmental entities), administration and management of awarded projects, and assisting with the Tribe's Administrative and Budgetary processes.


2 The Grants Writer is responsible for planning, organizing and management of the Tribe’s contracts and grants, ensuring that programs and departmental staff are in compliance with grant rules and regulations, writing and submission of grant applications on behalf of the tribe and assisting tribal departments with preparing final grant applications.


3 The Grants Accounting Specialist is responsible for the preparation of financial reports, the submission of progress reports, and submitting payment reimbursement requests for all grants, and monitoring all grants for financial compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe

Contracts & Grants Department

P.O. Box 256

208 Capital Hill

Nixon, Nevada 89424-0256

Fax (775) 574-1082

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Jennifer John, Contracts & Grants Administrator


    775-574-1000 ext. 1104




Vacant, Grants Writer


    775-574-1000 ext. 1116





Dorry Sorensen, Grants Accounting Specialist


    775-574-1000 ext. 1129






Proposal Clearance & Authorization Form

· This is a mandatory form required to obtain internal tribal approval PRIOR to the submission of any contract or grant application.


Tribal In-Kind Match Documentation Form

· This form is for use by tribal programs/departments that need to document and record in-kind matches (not cash) for their grant projects.




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