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About the Project:

The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe is participating in the TOP program to develop and implement a community-wide network project that will proveide for a baroadband wireless network system on the tribal reservation. This system will permit the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe and its governmental departments to develop an interactive system which will allow members to input information to more easily participate in government discussions and policy-making and by providing information regarding programs, services, council meetings tht will be accessible to members and residents.

The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe covers nearly 1/2 million square miles with three tribal communities (Nixon, Sutcliffe, Wadsworth, NV) that are located approximate3ly 20-40 miles from each other. The Tribe has an appx. Population of 2,200 residents with over 800 households. The project will provide a valuable link to information and services to tribal members who reside on and off the reservation. The project will provide for a broadband wireless system due to the telecommunication infrastructure in the tribe’s three communities are at maximum capacity and there are no immediate plans to expant resources on the reservation.

The network project will include: 1) a community intrnet between the tribal governmenta dn the tribal communities. 2) access to the intranet services by tribal members and 3) a local area network (LAN) for secure information sharing between tribal programs, members, and residents.

Project Goals:

  1. Increase tribal members’ participation in and awareness of governmemtal programs and operations
  2. Create awareness of and a method to access services offered by the tribe including bi-lingual components in English and Northern Paiute for tribal eldes who primarily communicate through the traditional language.
  3. Increase educational opportunities among members, the tribe’s education department, and college/university programs
  4. Create a tribal wireless communication system where the current infrastructure cannot support expansions
  5. Provide a model for other tribes to replicated and utilize for community information sharing via telecommunications technology opportunities.