Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe


208 Capitol Hill

P.O. Box 256 Nixon, NV 89424

Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

(775) 574-1000 ext. 1115

Please call ahead to arrange to meet with Enrollment Officer, Joanne Shaw.

It is the mission of the Pyramid Lake Enrollment Committee to:

  • Ensure the continued existence of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe based on the intent and spirit of past generations in determining the membership of the Tribe for future generations.
  • Review and make recommendations for all membership applications in accordance with the provisions set forth in the approved enrollment ordinances of the Tribe. 
  • Provide guidance to the Enrollment Office in all aspects of Tribal Membership and ensure that accurate information is contained on the Tribal  Membership Roll for every enrolled member of the Tribe. 


Minors Distribution Form Please fill out this form by following instructions below (A “minor” are those who were younger than 18 at the time of the distribution in 2018. DO NOT FILL OUT THE ADULT DISTRIBUTION FORM; this will delay your application process.)

Bank Verification Form – to be used if you are electronically depositing your funds.

If you are age 18 by June 28, 2024, and on the approved list of eligible Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal members per Resolution PL#34-18, then you are eligible to apply for the Minor’s Trust. (See Resolution on our website at This is for those enrolled as a Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal member and living as of April 6, 2018.)

Please do not submit early to expect an earlier distribution before your birthday – all qualified Minors’ applications will be submitted upon the indicated Quarterly Deadline. This application must include:

  1. An updated address with our Enrollment Officer, Joanne Shaw.
  2. A clear scanned copy of your Photo ID, and;
  3. Either the checking mailing section completely filled out with legible mailing address, or;
  4. A deposit slip from your bank with ACH wire transfer number and account number if you request an electronic deposit. The routing number must match the one on a check or direct bank form (you may download a form from the PLPT website or acquire one from your bank as well) – do not submit a generic deposit ticket; this can cause delays with your deposit. Your bank account must have your name on it – funds cannot be deposited into someone else’s account.

Please make sure that your contact information is CLEAR and LEGIBLE in case you need to be reached. If there are any questions from the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe staff that are processing your paperwork, PLEASE leave a distinguishable email address and make sure that your voicemail box is set on your cellphone.

The tax information brackets on top of the second page MUST be completed, or this will cause a delay in your payment. If delayed, your application won’t be processed in time, and you will have to wait until the next quarter to receive your funds. The 2nd Quarter deadline for year 2024 will be June 28, 2024.

Once your application is processed, you can expect a 1-2 month wait until your funds are distributed – the Tribe is responsible for verifying your information and submitting your forms. Because Minors’ funds are in a trust, please understand that this quarterly process is because funds are calculated by the length of time it has gathered interest sitting in that trust; it is NOT distributed like the Adults’.

Minors will have up to six years to complete their forms and claim their economic stimulus payment.  The six-year count starts on your 18th birthday.

Reminder that the deadline to submit your forms for this 2nd Quarter of 2024 is on the last Friday of June 2024. Applications received by 06/28/24 will be processed and forwarded to the Trust the next business day. Applications received after 06/28/24 will be held until the next quarter submission, which is June 28, 2024. Reminder, it is your responsibility to ensure that your form is received COMPLETE and date-stamped by June 28, 2024.

Forms are available online under the Enrollment tab at or you can request a mailed form by emailing Joanne Shaw, Enrollment Officer, at, or Michelle Mix, Administrative Assistant, at Please make sure to download the MINOR’S DISTRIBUTION FORM from our website under the Enrollment tab at

Please disregard if you have already sent in your form.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Numu News (Apr 2018) 

Financial Literacy – Leilani Walkush, Senior Consultant

Putnum 2022 Investments

2022.12.31 PLPT Minors Models Report

PL Resolution #34-18 Payment Roll Enrollment Committee April 6 2018


  1. Funds will be received at least 2-3 months after deadline. Please plan accordingly.
  2. All Minors’ Applications are processed at the same time – turning in a form earlier than the deadline doesn’t ensure a faster result.
  3. The whole process goes from receiving and verifying your information with our PLPT Enrollment office, which includes verifying Enrollment numbers, social security numbers and updated addresses. The paperwork is then submitted immediately to the Trust Company, which is then processed there for at least a month. The Trust Company then submits their completed forms to the Bank, and after verification with the bank, your money will THEN be distributed – this sometimes takes up to 1-2 MONTHS. Please plan accordingly, and expect that your money will arrive 1-2 MONTHS after the Quarter Deadline.
  4. The Trust company will contact the PLPT office for more information according to their standards – your contact information needs to be legible just in case we need to reach you. If you can’t be reached, your form will be held until you contact us.


Updated Tribal Member Address Form

Once completed, you must PRINT, SIGN, and DATE and MAIL to the Enrollment Office.

DOCUMENT REQUEST FORMThis document allows user to request copy of birth certificate, Certificate of Indian Blood, or any other information from their Tribal Membership file.

EXPIRATION DATE CARD REPLACEMENT REQUEST FORM to replace old Tribal ID. Duplicate ID Cards with expiration date are available with Card Request Form or written request. 

DMV Tribal ID: See PDF for Nevada DMV Proof of Identity Document

First time ID Card with expiration date require the following: 

PHOTO: a passport photo, which is available at CVS, Walmart or WalGreens, is preferred. A headshot with a white background may be used if it is a clear photo.

Signature: Black fine print sharpie on an 81/2 or 11 white sheet of paper. Try to fill half the page; signatures need to be large to reproduce on the ID card.

Photo ID: we require a legible copy of your current photo ID for verification.