Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe

Tribal Land Office

Physical Address: 208 Capitol Hill, Nixon, Nevada 89424
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 256, Nixon, Nevada 89424
Phone: (775) 574-1038 | Fax: (775) 574-1008
Office Hours: Monday – Friday | 8:00am – 4:30pm

The Tribal Land Office was established in August of 2016 for the management of all Tribally controlled lands within the exterior boundaries of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Indian Reservation. This office will address the administration of land properties as it pertains to the tribe. Working closely with all departments of the Tribal Administration to maintain existing and expand our land base to create future projects for the benefit of the tribal members.

Mission Statement

Provide the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe and Community with the services necessary to achieve the tribal vision of managing reservation lands while protecting the general health, safety and welfare in asserting authority on the reservations land use and long range planning.


Coordinate and plan for growth of the Tribes land base and community expansion in areas of residential, commercial and agriculture use, in addition to the economic development of PLPT.

Tribal Land Office

Maintain and record all data documents of PLPT controlled land within the exterior boundaries of the reservation. Creation and maintenance of all tribal land assignments, irrigation properties and the acquired lands the tribe holds. Complete GPS boundary survey, review land descriptions, ownership status with outside agencies. Also assist other departments with utility, road data and housing projects and assist tribal members with their land assignment inquiries. This office also oversees and maintains a close working relationship with the Land & Resource Committee relative to the Land Ordinance, in receiving and preparing documents for committee review and recommendation to council.

Land & Resource Committee

This is a standing committee responsible for the oversight duties in the process of Tribal land assignments. They are also responsible for the verification of the members good standing, verification of land status, document review for the applicant. Based on the findings, after formal review, afford a recommendation to the Tribal Council for approval or denial. The various types of assignments that are available to tribal members are for agriculture, residential/home sites and commercial.


ArcGIS – AutoCAD – GPS Survey – Large format Printing

Tribal Land Office Staff

Richard W. Frazier
Tribal Land Manager
Phone: (775) 574-1038
Fax: (775) 574-1008

Land & Resource Committee

Jolyne Sander

Stan John

Karole McQueen
Brandon Serawop
Ima Scott

Tribal Land Assignments

The Tribal Council of the PLPT, pursuant to the authority granted in Article III of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Constitution and By-Laws, enacts this Ordinance in order to regulate land management activities on the PLIR. In addition, the purposes of the this Tribal Land Assignment Ordinance are to:

A.) Provide standards and regulations governing the conduct of all land management
activities on the PLIR

B.) Promote the livelihood of individual tribal members by authorizing land use or uses
necessary to establish such life style endeavor.

C.) Enhance housing opportunities for tribal members.

D.) Manage all activities relating to land use, land use planning, agriculture, commercial and other economic development opportunities.

E.) To grant permission for land use by non-Indian persons, companies, entities, corporations, businesses, or joint ventures on the PLIR.

~ Land Assignment Application Form: Land Assignment Application

Comments on the posted Land Assignment Applications should be forwarded to Tribal Secretary’s office by mail:

PO Box 256, Nixon, NV 89424

Fax: 775-574-1054


or in person at: 208 Capitol Hill, Nixon, NV 89424.

Land Assignment Notices For:
Alan McCahill Repost
Lynsie Dunn

Added May 21, 2024: Deadline to submit comments June 20, 2024
The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe is posting for Public Comment regarding Ordinance Governing the Management of Tribal Land Assignments (with application). 
Please submit your comments to the Tribal Secretary by June 20, 2024.

See full Flyer with attached PDF here: Public Comment Ordinance Governing the Management of Tribal Land Assignments w/ Application