Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe

Public Utilities Department

P.O. Box 474

Nixon, NV 89424

Johnathon Begay, Interim PUD Director:(775) 294-1459

Everyone is safer when we work together: wash your hands, keep your distance and stay healthy!

The Natural Resources Building is closed to the public. For payments, please mail to the address above.

Yard Waste/Open Air Burn Permit Application

PLPT Solid Waste Ordinance

NO. 52-02-090 – Open Burning

The Burn Season shall be from October through May of every year. Burning outside the designated burning season poses a wildfire threat. Agricultural lands DO NOT require a burn permit.

You MUST notify the Pyramid Lake Emergency Response, Pyramid Lake Dispatch, the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Police Department, or the Pyramid Lake Ranger Station in case of emergencies during the burn. Emergency Response can supervise burns for your safety.

Emergency Response: (775) 574-8999

Dispatch: (775) 574-0444

Police Department: (775) 574-1014

Ranger Station: (775) 476-1155

BURN SEASON IS CLOSED! (from May to October)

Applications For Service

PUD Homeowner Agreement to Establish AccountThe undersigned hereby applies to the PUD for water and/or garbage services for the property listed on application.

PUD Utility Service Application:  If you are not the legal homeowner, a Homeowner/Tenant Agreement to Establish Account must be completed. (application available above).

Fallon PUD Customer Garbage Application : For Fallon Residents Only!


Please email your completed application to:

Or mail to:


PO Box 474

Nixon, NV 89424

Illegal Dumping:

This ordinance shall be known and may be cited as the “Pyramid Lake Illegal Dumping Ordinance” or the “Illegal Dumping Ordinance.”

The purposes of this Ordinance are:

To prohibit the disposal of solid waste at any location other than at designated and authorized facilities or sites and to prevent the unauthorized use of dumpsters and other solid waste containers to protect the health of the community; and

(b)        To provide enforcement of this Ordinance which shall be intended to be an effective deterrent to the illegal dumping of solid waste.

The policies of this Ordinance are:

( a)       To provide a mechanism for the Tribe and the Pyramid Lake Utility District to enforce and regulate the unauthorized disposal of waste on the Reservation; and

(b)        To prevent solid waste disposal outside of transfer station sites and to ensure that solid waste is properly disposed.

See full Illegal Dumping Ordinance here: Illegal Dumping Ordinance