Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe

Tribal Court

PO Box 257

211 Nixon HWY 447

Nixon, Nevada, 89424

Phone: (775) 574-1094

Fax: (775) 574-1096


Pyramid Lake Tribal Court Calendar

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Petitions :

Petition to Waive Fees Document to request wavier of fees attributed to filing and service fees for action, proceeding or appeal.

Petition for Temp Guardianship Document to request Temporary Guardianship for Minor Children

Petition to Transfer Title Document to file for Title Transfer. Please remember to include all information necessary to this document.

Petition for Uncontested Divorce Document for filing for an uncontested divorce.

Petition for Contested Divorce Document for filing for a contested divorce.

Petition for Grandparent Visitation Document for filing for Court Ordered Visitation of minor child(ren).

Petition for Name Change Document for filing for Name Change

Petition for Perm Guardianship Document to file for petition the Court for Order of Permanent Guardianship for named minor child(ren).

Petition for Child Custody or Support Documents to file for Child Custody/Support.


App for Temp. Restraining Order Document for a Temporary Restraining Order.

Application to Practice Law Before Tribal Court Document to practice Law before the Pyramid Lake Tribal Court. Application fee: $75 annually or $10 per case.

App for Domestic Violence Restraining Order – Document for application for a Temporary and/or Extended Order for Protection against Domestic Violence.

App for Revocable Driver’s License Document for Application and Affidavit for Revocable Driver’s License.


Motion for ContinuanceDocument to file for Motion for Continuance.

Motion Document to file a Motion in matter of party versus party.

Motion In Matter of Minor Child(ren)Document to file a Motion in matter of minor child(ren).

Miscellaneous Documents:

Acknowledgement of Paternity  – Document for filing for acknowledgment of father by paternity.

Transcript Request – Document for requesting transcripts. Must be a party to the case. Cash deposit required. Deposit is not refundable unless the final cost of producing the transcript is less than deposit.

Affidavit – Document to file affidavit.

Schedule of Fees – Document with total list of cost for filing fees regarding all matters.

Civil Complaint – Document to file a civil complaint. This document abides to the statue of limitations within the Pyramid Lake Law and Order Code which references a time limit to file a complaint.

Notice of Appeal – Document is for Appeal in a party versus party case.

Appointment of Temp Guardian Document for appointing temporary guardianship of minor child(ren). 

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